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Laundry solutions for the home and travel

Searching for more eco-friendly ways to dry laundry?  Limited hanging space in need of a smarter solution?  Tired of breaking, losing and throwing away pegs?


Ezyline peg-free clothesline is the perfect modern, aesthetic addition for your home, campsite, caravan or cruise. On rotary or fold down clotheslines, replacing existing cords with Ezyline is simple. String up an emergency line under a verandah, pergola, carport or garage in wet weather. Ezyline is compact and lightweight for travel and can be set up temporarily or permanently, with ease.

Designed with the environment in mind:

  • 100% recyclable and UV stabilised
  • Ezyline is built to last
Use when superior drying performance is required:
  • Ezyline halves your time at the clothesline
  • A fun and easy alternative to pegs
May help if you have arthritis or limited mobility:
  • Sliding motion instead of pinching and gripping
  • Use left or right handed, at any height