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About Us2

Ezyline is an all-Australian product.  It's designed and manufactured in Australia.  We're the kind of people who like to contribute to a better world by doing something useful, and living our lives with the least fuss and impact on our environment and others.

That's why we've made Ezyline.  We're helping the world to dry clothes naturally.

A word from our inventor

Introducing Ezyline founder and inventor – Chris Rourke.

Chris is a classic inventor; full of ideas and a keen eye for how things could be better. Chris’ passion for a better way to dry clothes, along with an unrelenting pursuit of precision design and manufacturing has brought Ezyline to life. The first time you use Ezyline, you’ll understand his dedication.

Otherwise, Chris is a father of two and works as a team with his son David and daughter Susie.

“I thought, if we can make drying easier, it will be easier for everyone to have a positive impact on climate change.”

Chris Rourke, Inventor, Ezyline