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People love Ezyline2

"I've just placed another order for Ezyline which I have used full time in our caravan for the last 3 years. While I was on your website I thought I'd take the time to thank you for your innovative product.  I suffer from Psoriatic Arthritis and Ezyline has enabled me to continue doing my own washing despite this challenge. This may seem like a minor problem but life is made up of little things and it's immensely frustrating being unable to do them. Thank you for your innovative solution, I'll continue doing my own washing for as long as I can and recommending Ezyline to everyone we meet along the way (Sonja-Leigh)

 "My wife and I love our ezylines. They are a good length to fit between the poles of our awning. They are so easy to set up!" (Bob)

We have just bought our eighth pack of Ezyline - why eight? Every time we go camping another friend wants some - we have three lines permanently in our camping trailer. Great for stringing between tent poles at side of tent - more than strong enough to hold a beach towel or two and packs down to virtually nothing inside your camping gear. Love the fact that you can tailor the length you require to suit your needs simply by unclipping or clipping together the lengths.   The latest two packs are going on a month long hiking adventure in Thailand and Laos - light to back pack with as well.

"The kids put our ezyline up when we went camping and used it to hang their towels and bathers all week.  We even used the spare line for hanging a tarp to shield us from the weather....we have decided to replace the cord on our line with the ezyline." (Kim) 

"Just wanted to let you know I received my ezylines - I was so impressed by how quickly they arrived and even more impressed by how great they are.  I've got them up - in my garage - to use when it's raining. Thank you so much!  I am impressed with the product and the service." (Ida)

"I just love the ezyline design - clever, simple and bullet proof designs always grab me.  I sent one off as a Christmas present, kept another and one is used here in Cooktown on our local Coast Guard boat as the 'ships pegs' couldn't hack the salty environment and would ping themselves overboard in our boisterous SE trade winds!" (friend of ezyline)

“As an amputee getting up and down from a wheelchair to peg clothes I have a tendency to just throw them over the line.  Ezyline makes my job a lot easier now my daughter and her two preschool aged children have moved back home (all those little socks and undies!).” (Kathleen)

“An ezyline was given to me after I suffered a stroke which left me permanently unable to use my left arm. The ezyline has been a godsend to me as I have always been an independent wife and mother. To be able to hang my washing and bring it in is fabulous thanks to this great product.  Many thanks for making my life somewhat easier.” (Janette)

“This is our second purchase of ezyline. We were intending to use it at home but have found it superb for our boat.  The ability to shorten or lengthen is ideal. Well done on your innovation.” (Dorothy)

“We used ezyline in the carport to dry our washing when it rained.  Once the rain had gone, my kids didn't want to go back to the regular washing line and deal with the pegs again, what a testimony! On a personal note, I was blown away by the level of service you gave us. Even IF your product was ordinary, that alone would make your business stand out! Well done Chris and team.” (Elmar and Sally)

“Great concept, so simple even the most average male can use it with ease.  NO pegs to fiddle with before or after hang-up.  Magic idea which is saving me time with even less effort.  The ezyline should be a compulsory installation everywhere.  We are wrapped in ezyline, because that is just what it is, easy in every way.!” (

“A beautiful, cleverly designed and long overdue product.  Any person will love it. One is astounded that such a smart device hasn't been in the market for a much longer time.  Ezyline is great and we all love it.” (

“Did my first line full of washing today, and while putting it out was good, taking it off was wonderful! Thanks so much for developing this product.” (Peta)