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Why Ezyline12?

Ezyline is quick and Easy

Ezyline replaces the line and peg with an ingenious peg-less clothesline. To hang clothes out, simply slide clothes into Ezyline. And when your clothes are dry, a single row can be removed in a single swipe. No more messing around with pegs. It’s just so easy.

Ezyline saves money and reduces your carbon footprint

According to AGL, the average tumble dryer in Australia costs around $119 per year to operate. Furthermore, the average load produces 1.8 kg of carbon dioxide. So if we all chose to line dry our clothes, we’d reduce Australia’s carbon emissions by nearly 500,000 tonnes! That’s got to be worth a shot.

Ezyline makes clothes last longer

Every time you use your tumble dryer, your clothes are being tortured. They’re crushed, rubbed together and beaten within an inch of their lives. This all has the effect of reducing their useful life. There goes more money. Cah-ching.

Ezyline is simple to install

Ezyline can be used anywhere. It can replace the line on a standard hoist; fold down clothesline; undercover lines on verandas and carports; indoors; and as temporary lines for travellers and campers. Ezyline comes pre-assembled in 2 metre lengths, along with attachment cords and an easy-to-use tensioning clip. Adjusting the length to suit any location is a breeze. And if you're not a hands on person, your local handyman will have the job done in minutes. There’s no place too small or too large for Ezyline.

Ezyline is designed for the toughest conditions

Ezyline’s advanced computer aided design is made using high precision, injection moulded, UV resistant polypropylene. That means it’s tough enough to cope with the Australian sun. And we back it with a 5-year guarantee so you can buy with complete confidence.

Ezyline is for everyone

• Low - medium density housing – simply convert your existing clothesline to Ezyline • Medium - high density housing – it’s easy to hang Ezyline anywhere • The elderly and disabled - those suffering from arthritis, shoulder conditions and other conditions will benefit from the simplicity of using Ezyline • Travellers – Ezyline makes a great temporary clothes line in hotel rooms, caravans and campsites. With Ezyline’s easy to use attachments, you can hang your clothes up anywhere in no time.

Ezyline is all Australian

Ezyline is an ingenious Australian invention. And it's manufactured down under too.

Doing the right thing always feels great

You know the drill. Drying clothes naturally is better for the environment, saves you money and saves your clothes from the tumble dryer. And with Ezyline, its so much quicker and easier than messing around with pegs. So step outside, take a big breath of fresh air and feel great about drying with Ezyline.