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No more pegs! Ezyline is the quickest, easiest and most advanced way to dry your clothes using the world’s natural energy - sunshine and breeze.

About Us

Ezyline is an all-Australian product. It's designed and manufactured in Australia. We're the kind of people who like to contribute to a better world by doing something useful, and living our lives with the least fuss and impact on our environment and others.

That's why we've made Ezyline. We're helping the world to dry clothes naturally.

A word from our inventor

Introducing Ezyline founder and inventor – Chris Rourke. Chris is a classic inventor; full of ideas and a keen eye for how things could be better. Chris’ passion for a better way to dry clothes, along with an unrelenting pursuit of precision design and manufacturing has brought Ezyline to life. The first time you use Ezyline, you’ll understand his dedication. Otherwise, Chris is a father of two and works as a team with his son David and daughter Susie. "I thought, if we can make drying easier, it will be easier for everyone to have a positive impact on climate change." Chris Rourke, Inventor, Ezyline...

Why Ezyline?

  • Ezyline is quick and easy
  • Ezyline saves money and reduces your carbon footprint
  • Ezyline makes clothes last longer
  • Ezyline is simple to install
  • Ezyline is all Australian
  • Ezyline is designed for the toughest conditions


  • We bought our ezylines about 5 years ago now and still love them. We had them in the caravan when we went to NT for a trip. And we use them every now and then when it's raining and we need a clothes line inside to dry clothes. Planning on buying some for my parents to pack in their new camper trailer, so they can enjoy an easy clothes line as well. Thanks. - Jodie

  • The kids put our ezyline up when we went camping and used it to hang their towels and bathers all week. We even used the spare line for hanging a tarp to shield us from the weather....we have decided to replace the cord on our line with the ezyline. - Kim

  • Just wanted to let you know I received my ezylines - I was so impressed by how quickly they arrived and even more impressed by how great they are. I've got them up - in my garage - to use when it's raining. Thank you so much! I am impressed with the product and the service. - Ida

  • I just love the ezyline design - clever, simple and bullet proof designs always grab me. I sent one off as a Christmas present, kept another and one is used here in Cooktown on our local Coast Guard boat as the 'ships pegs' couldn't hack the salty environment and would ping themselves overboard in our boisterous SE trade winds! - friend of ezyline

  • As an amputee getting up and down from a wheelchair to peg clothes I have a tendency to just throw them over the line. Ezyline makes my job a lot easier now my daughter and her two preschool aged children have moved back home (all those little socks and undies!) - Kathleen

  • An ezyline was given to me after I suffered a stroke which left me permanently unable to use my left arm. The ezyline has been a godsend to me as I have always been an independent wife and mother. To be able to hang my washing and bring it in is fabulous thanks to this great product. Many thanks for making my life somewhat easier. - Janette